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Camping card 2017: DKK 110 (+ fee DKK 10)
Everyone is eligible for individual camping cards but children under 15 years of age can only obtain such a card with the consent of their legal guardians. A camping card covers couples and singles and co-habiting children under 18. All must share the same official address. However, children over 18 years of age must purchase their own camping cards. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to travel alone on their parent’s camping but must have their own personal card issued. Families travelling with children of friends must use the camping pass of the legal guardians of these children since these children do not share the address of the travelling family.

Camping card 2017 - groups: DKK 110 (+ fee DKK 10) 
Camping cards are issued to institutions, such as schools, kindergartens, continuation schools, and sports associations. The card is valid for groups of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 participants. The group leader must be of legal age (18 years). The card must be valid and be accompanied by a list of names of all participants. 

Transit pass: DKK 35 
If you only need to stay one night at a camping ground you can purchase a transit pass on site. The transit pass is only valid in Denmark.

Liability insurance
All valid camping cards include third-party public liability insurance unless the cardholder is otherwise insured. The insurance only covers damages that are liable under Danish law.

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Camping Key Europe

The Camping Key Europe is valid in all European countries. The card must be renewed annually with a stamp valid for the calendar year.

When you have ordered your Camping Key Europe you can print your temporary camping key. The preliminary pass is valid until you have received an officially issued version by post.

Order Camping Key Europe