Kvak Mølle – tent site and shelters

The Kvak Mølle nature camp with tent campsite and shelters is situated on a fenced lawn in the scenic valley of Vejle Ådal, not far from the river of Vejle Å. The site can accommodate five tents and offers three shelters, each with space for 5-6 persons.

The tent site includes a BBQ hut and tables/benches. Firewood is supplied regularly. Between Easter and week 42 you can access toilet facilities with running water at the manor house of Haraldskær approx. 400 metres from the area.

The nature camp is located not far from the popular bicycle and hiking route of Bindeballestien. If you have an angler fishing license, you can fish for free in the nearby lake of Kvak Mølle Sø. The site is also frequently used by canoeists during the summer.

The nearby manor, Haraldskær, dates back to 1434. Today, the manor is a hotel. The ruins of the old manor watermill, Kvak Mølle, hark back to the days when there were many watermills along the river. The church of Skibet is adorned with very beautiful frescos from the 1200s. 

The Kvak Mølle nature camp is located south of the parking lot at Kvak Mølle Vej, south of the village of Skibet and about 8 km west of Vejle.

Accommodation at the shelter is free. The site is managed by Vejle Municipality. You book online at udeliv.vejle.dk, but please contact teknikogmiljo@vejle.dk with any questions.

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Kvak Mølle Vej
7100 Vejle


  • Capacity

    • Capacity (5)
  • Facilities

    • Open all year
    • Toilet (sommer/summer)
    • Shelter
    • Firewood
    • Campfire



Longitude : 9.4278312
Latitude : 55.7016764