Vejle is a region of great gastronomy. Here you can experience a wide range of culinary flavours to tickle your taste buds no matter your cravings. From classic Danish open sandwiches to gourmet experience at the highest international level – at cosy cafés as well as luxurious restaurants. Vejle offers everything from boutiques with local delicacies to wine and cocktail bars with fine international selections of wine, champagnes, gin, whiskeys and cocktails.

Hopballe Mølle


In Vejle, there is never far to the nearest restaurant. There is a world of culinary choice with something for every taste and budget.

Restaurant Me|Mu

Gourmet restaurants

Vejle's creative gourmet chefs are committed to quality. You are guaranteed a flavoursome experience with emphasis on fresh local produce accompanied by exclusive wines and liquors.


Danish cuisine

Danish cuisine is currently enjoying a renaissance. Vejle's restaurants offer a delectable choice of country dishes and other traditional Danish fare, often served as surprising new interpretations.


Vejle's many charming cafés tempt you with dishes both large and small as well as a variety of coffees and cakes. This is where the locals take a break to indulge and enjoy life.

Gastro Guide Vejle

Gastro Guide Vejle

The Gastro Guide gives you an overview of Vejle’s many culinary experiences. There are also great suggestions for foodie routes as well as offers for guided tours.

Hopballe Mølle

Local delicacies

Explore Vejle’s delis and artisanal stores, where you can buy everything within specialties and locally produced quality products.