Vejle Inlet

Angling in Vejle Inlet

The beautiful Vejle Inlet lets you fish for sea trout, flatfish, eels and cod. Go fishing along the coast or head out on an angling trip on the inlet.

At some coastal locations you can drive right down to the shore, while at other places you need to follow footpaths. At a few locations you might benefit from venturing on a small climb to reach the perfect angling spot. If you bring your own boat, you can always find prime fishing locations in the inlet or by the local strait, Little Belt.

You can generally fish anywhere you like in the Vejle Inlet. Anglers aged between 18-64 need to purchase a National Angler Fishing Licence. Persons under or over this age limit do not need licenses. Please also be aware of the following exclusion zones: from the river of Vejle Å to the Vejle Bridge, at the Tirsbæk river estuary, in the rivers of Rohden Å and Rosenvold Å where Rands Fjord meets the Vejle Inlet, and in the river of Hede Å.


As a rule, Danish national regulation applies regarding minimum landing sizes and close seasons in Vejle’s fishing waters. Please note that the minimum landing sizes and the close seasons listed below are merely indicative. Other conservation provisions can be accessed at Remember that as an angler, you are always obliged to keep yourself informed of any applicable restrictions.

Art Minimum size Closed season
Brook trout 30 cm 16 November - 15 January
Pike 60 cm 1-30 April
Sea trout 40 cm 16 November - 15 January
Common whitefish 36 cm 1 November – 31 January
Salmon 40 cm 16 November - 15 January
Pikeperch 50 cm 1-31 May
Maraena whitefish   Totally protected
Maraena whitefish 33 cm 15 March – 15 May
Eel 45 cm Not applicable


Art Minimum size Closed season
Sea trout (blank) 40 cm Not applicable
Sea trout (coloured) 40 cm 16 November - 15 January
Dab 23 cm Not applicable
Salmon (white scale) 60 cm Not applicable
Salmon (coloured) 60 cm 16 November - 15 January
Turbot 30 cm Not applicable
Plaice 27 cm Spawning fish: 15 January – 15 May
Flounder 25,5 cm Not applicable
Brill 30 cm Not applicable
Sole 26 cm Not applicable
Cod 40 cm Not applicable
Eel 35,5 cm Not applicable
Eelpout 23 cm Spawning fish: 15 September -
31 January

All anglers between the age of 18 and 64 must have a valid state angler fishing license to fish in Danish waters. Such a license grants the holder the right to fish with light hand-held tackle, e.g. fishing rods and harpoons, but not with fixed equipment such as nets or fykes.

State angling fishing licenses can be purchased online at valid for a day, a week or a year. The state angler fishing license must be carried and presented upon request.