PostNord Danmark Rundt

Tour de France in Vejle

In 2022, the Tour de France will pass Vejle. Vejle will be the starting point for the third stage, which will meander along approx. 182 km of winding roads from Vejle to Sønderborg. On the way, the race will pass Jelling and the Jelling Monuments that enjoy UNESCO World Heritage patronage

Vejle offers some of Denmark’s most beautiful natural scenery and amazing cycling terrain, which also includes Denmark’s toughest hill climbs. The area also has a completely unique history, including the Viking rune stones of Jelling. With Vejle’s proud traditions as host of the spectacular queen’s stage of the PostNord Danmark Rundt race, we can expect an exciting start of the tour and a unique experience for everyone.

You are invited to test ride the Tour de France roads around Vejle. Download 16 Super Routes to your bike computer and get wheeling across Denmark’s best cycling terrain.