Vejle for foodies

Vejle lets you enjoy fine gastronomy and the good life. Here, you can experience a wide range of culinary flavours that will surely titillate your senses. From classic Danish open-faced sandwiches to gourmet experiences on the highest international level - at small cosy café and luxurious restaurants. From deli stores to artisanal breweries, vineyards and whiskey distilleries.


In Vejle, restaurants are never far between and you can choose from a world of cuisines. There is something for everyone and for every budget. You can experience traditional Danish and New Nordic cuisine, European dining and ethnic cuisines from every corner of the world.

Gourmet restaurants

Vejle’s creative gourmet chefs are dedicated to quality. At gourmet restaurants, you are guaranteed a culinary experience based on fresh, local produce served with exquisite wines. Restaurant Me|Mu is one of Denmark’s top dining spots and has been awarded a Michelin star.

Danish cuisine

At Vejle’s Danish cuisine restaurants, you will enjoy a choice between classic country fare and Danish dishes in new and often surprising interpretations. Seasonal prime produce is in high demand and typically grown, harvested, caught, hunted and farmed locally. Bon appetite!


Vejle’s many charming cafés tempt you with small and large dishes, a wide range of cold and hot drinks and a variety of cakes and other sweet treats. This is where the locals take a break and enjoy life. On summer days, the cafés move outdoors.

Vejle’s gastronomic scene enjoys excellent ratings by such renowned dining guides as the Michelin Guide, White Guide and .

Gastro Guide Vejle

Gastro Guide Vejle offers an overview of all gastronomic offerings in Vejle. You will also find great suggestions for other culinary experiences and guided tours. There is something for every taste. Enjoy!

Local delis

Explore Vejle’s delis and artisanal manufacturers, where you can buy a wide variety of specialties and fine local produce. Behind the counter, you will be met by passionate people who are always ready with advice and a good story about the products.

Beer, wine and liquor producers

Enjoy a beer or a glass of wine or spirit at a microbrewery, winery or distillery. On a guided tour, you will experience the production close-up and naturally also enjoy unique tastings and the opportunity to buy artisanal products.

Wine and cocktail bars

At Vejle’s charming wine and cocktail bars you can sample amazing wines from around the world and enjoy craft beer, colourful cocktails and exquisite champagnes. For the aficionado, Vejle even offers a gin bar and a whiskey bar. Several places also serve light dishes.