Fårup Sø

Scenic views in Vejle

Photo: VisitVejle

Everywhere in Vejle there are beautiful vistas. Stop at the many vantage points to enjoy amazing views of the inlet, lakes or rivers. Our 14 recommendations will help you get started, but there are many more beauty spots to discover.

The view from Himmelpind
Himmelpind is a wooded hill and protected nature reserve close to the city of Vejle. The hill has previously been the location of a flower garden, open-air stage and zoo.

The view: Narrow eastward view of the city of Vejle and to the west of the Vejle Ådal river valley towards Skibet and Haraldskær.

Accessibility: Inclined road and steps. Fair walking distance from the car park. From Himmelpind, a magnificent hiking trail leads you along the valley ridge of Vejle Ådal to Uhrhøj.

Parking: The carpark by Vardevej 204, 7100 Vejle – ca. 170 metres from the access road to Himmelpind

View from Himmelpind

Photo:Kira Petersen

The Hjortedalen valley view
The benches at the marketplace just below Randbøl Church offer eastward views of the river valley of Vejle Ådal and of where the Ancient Road market place was once located. The church was probably erected around 1200 AD.

Accessibility: A fair walk along lanes over fields and through woods to the marketplace. Toilet facilities by Randbøl Church and Randbøldal Museum.

Parking (passenger cars): Randbøl Church, Randbølvej 69, DK-7183 Randbøl.


Photo:Mads Fjeldsø Christensen

The view from Munkebjerg Hotel
Munkebjerg (about 92m above sea level) has always been a popular destination, and the hotel has attracted many artists.

The view: Sweeping northern views across the Vejle Inlet from the terrace of Munkebjerg Hotel (reserved for restaurant guests) and west-northwest views towards Vejle, Vejle Bridge and the waterfront.

Accessibility: Short walk from the car park.

Parking: Munkebjerg Hotel, Munkebjergvej 125, DK-7100 Vejle

Munkebjerg Hotel

Photo:Munkebjerg Hotel

Bird-watching platform at Kongens Kær
The wetland west of Vejle is a popular destination. The hiking trails offer easy access to the unique 100-hectare wetland of Kongens Kær and the lake of Knabberup Sø. The viewing platform lets you watch the rich local birdlife and offers magnificent views of the Vejle Ådal river valley.

The views: The wetlands of Kongens Kær.

Accessibility: Short walking distance from the car park.

Parking: Car park at Ribe Landevej, DK-7100 Vejle

Observation tower at Kongens Kær


The view from Nørup Church
Nørup Church served the nearby Engelsholm Castle from 1586 to 1935. The church was originally built in Romanesque style and has been owned by several noble families. The Baroque interiors and distinctive onion-shaped domes visible today were commissioned by Gerhard de Lichtenberg.

The view: The church dike offers views to the east and southeast of Engelsholm Castle and the lake of Engelsholm Sø, the source of the river of Vejle Å.

Accessibility: Only a short walking distance from the car park. Toilet facilities are available.

Parking: Nørup Church, De Lichtenbergs Vej 32, DK-7182 Bredsten. Large car park, also for coaches.

View from Nørup Church


The views of Rands Fjord
On the southern shores of the Vejle Inlet close to the mouth of the inlet you find the region’s largest lake, Rands Fjord. Until the 19th century this was part of the Vejle Inlet. Now it is a freshwater lake separated from the inlet by a dam. The lake and its surroundings are a protected nature reserve with footpaths and nature trails that offer rich and varied scenery. Most hiking trails branch out from small parking areas that offer information boards.

The view: The hill west of Egeskov Church offers a view of the lake and the Nebbegård Manor.

Accessibility: A short walk from the car park.

Parking: Egeskov Church, Vejlby Kirkevej 55, DK-7000 Fredericia

Rands Fjord

Photo:Mads Fjeldsø Christensen

Views from the Runkenbjerg Ridge
Runkenbjerg is a long narrow hilltop ridge, which like the rest of the landscape in the Vejle region has been shaped by the shifting glaciers of the Ice Age.

The view: Southwest view of most of the Vejle Ådal river valley and Sønderkær.

Accessibility: Steps, a country lane and a ridge-top footpath lead to the viewpoint.

Parking (passenger cars): below Runkenbjerg, DK-7183 Randbøl. Parking area accessed via Slotsbjergvej. Follow the sign on Tørskindvej.



The views from Skibetvej by Haraldskær
Haraldskær Manor dates back to 1434. Originally from 1536, the manor has been reduced to ashes and rebuilt again several times over the centuries. Skibet Church was erected between 1125 and 1150 and features magnificent 13th century frescoes.

The view: Western views of Haraldskær Manor with its parkland estate, Skibet Church and the river valley.

Accessibility: Easy access. You can drive to the roadside viewpoint.

Parking: Car park located at Skibetvej, DK-7100 Vejle



The view from Slotsbjerg
Slotsbjerg offers sweeping views of Sønderkær and of alternative landscape sculptures created by two local farmers. The hill is privately owned but there is public access for those seeking to enjoy the view.

The view: Western view of the Vejle Ådal river valley and Sønderkær.

Accessibility: A fair walk along a pathway and a country lane.

Parking: Bindeballe Købmandsgård, Bindeballevej 100, DK-7183 Randbøl



The view from Stoltenbjerg of Randbøl Hede
With its height of 88 meters, Stoltenberg is the highest point on Denmark’s second largest inland heath, Randbøl Hede.

The view: Among the best views of the heathland. To the southeast you can see the fields of Kirstinelyst wedged into the open heath.

Accessibility: Reaching the top of Stoltenberg requires a fair walk from the car park, partially uphill.

Parking: Frederikshåbvej, 7183 Randbøl, or where Sdr. Almstokvej meets Bøgvadvej, DK-7183 Randbøl.

Stoltenbjerg on Randbøl Hede


Rørbæk Sø
The elongated lake of Rørbæk Sø was shaped by glaciers during the Ice Age and is surrounded by woods and steep heather-clad slopes with juniper bushes. The western banks of the lake offer views of the hills of Fårebanke and Kælderbanke.

The view: There are many lakeside vantage points, including Ballesbækgård that offers spectacular views of the lake and the hill of Kælderbanke. The hill of Fårebanke to the west of the lake also offers magnificent views.

Accessibility: A network of signposted nature trails, including a disabled friendly trail.

Parking: Ballesbækgård Visitors Centre, Rørbækvej 5, DK-7323 Give

Rørbæk Sø


The view from Tørskind Grusgrav
Sculptor Robert Jacobsen in collaboration with sculptor Jean Clareboudt transformed the former gravel pit of Tørskind Grusgrav into a sculpture park. The sculptures are made of concrete, iron, stone and wood and are intended as a total design united in dialogue with nature.

The view: To the west towards Klingebækgaard, Naturskolen Søballegaard and Runkenbjerg and in the distance Liegaard and Sønderkær.

Accessibility: Short walking distance from the parking lot. There are on-site toilet facilities.

Parking: Tørskind Grusgrav, Tørskindvej 98A, DK-6040 Egtved. Plenty of space for coaches.



The view from Vejle Windmill
The magnificent Vejle Windmill from 1890 towers over town to the south. The mill is one of Vejle’s landmarks and can be seen from many parts of the town. The windmill features the original interiors as well as an exhibition hosted by the Vejle Museums on the history of the mill and milling in the Vejle region. The mill is generally open during daytime hours from April to October, closed on Mondays. Free admission.

The view: There are views of Vejle, Grejsdalen, the Vejle Inlet and the Vejle Ådal river valley from the windmill reefing stage.

Accessibility: The mill is easy to access. However, the steps leading to the reefing stage are not suitable for the disabled. There are toilets on site.

Parking: Vejle Windmill, Søndermarksvej 1, 7100 Vejle. There are a few parking spaces close to the windmill as well as curb parking nearby.

View from Vejle Windmill


Bird-watching tower at Østengård
The bird-watching tower offers a stunning panoramic view of the inlet, the river of Vejle Å and the wetlands of Kongens Kær and Ravning. The path to the view tower meanders through the forest and past hedgerows, alder swamp and freshwater springs.

The view: Almost the entire eastern part of the river valley of Vejle Ådal.

Accessibility: A fair walking distance along paths. The trip starts with a steep climb, which may be wet and damp, so appropriate footwear is recommended.

Parking: Østengårdvej or Knabberupvej, DK-7100 Vejle

Observation tower at Østengård