Hopballe Mill

Hopballe Mill - Hopballe Mølle - is an idyllic and historic location in an area of great natural beauty between Grejsdal valley and Jelling. Here in the cosy restaurant or on the covered riverside terrace you can enjoy a well-prepared meal made with prime seasonal produce.

The old ancestral farm, Hopballe Mill, has been in the family for six generations. The old watermill has faithfully served its owners for over 600 years. Here the farmers in the area milled their corn in olden days. And now the power generated by the watermill is used to rear some of Denmark’s best chickens in an environmentally friendly way.

Among the many delicacies served in the restaurant you can try the chicken, which has grown to fame nationwide.Try,for example, an à la carte lunch on weekdaysorthedeliciousbreakfast,lunchor caketableon weekends. Our home-reared chickens and an array of other specialities are also available in our farm boutique.

Welcome to a world where animal welfare, taste and quality is greatly valued and where there is a warm and embracing country feeling.

Opening hours may vary depending on the season. See www.hopballe.dk.