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Nature Week

Once again this year, the Danish Nature Conservation Association and the Outdoor Council jointly host Nature Week, an event that invites the whole family for a day of fun and exciting experiences and activities in nature.

Look forward to Nature Week 2023. Below is a description of the 2022 event.

Naturally, Vejle Municipality will mark Nature Week and many voluntary organisations open their doors for you and your family. The theme of the week is 'Nature Close to you'. Explore the website and decide what activity locations you would like to visit this year.

Experiences in Vejle Municipality:

- The butterfliy effect
- Bees & Nature
- Boat trip on the fjord
- Zumba and Latin dance in the open air
- Experience nature at Kulsø and Rørbæk Lake
- Nature's Day at Brandbjerg Folk High School
- Learn to weave
- Climate forest with high biodiversity
- Autumn market at Gartneriet Rødmose
- Autumn market at Haraldskær
- Green vision for the Ground
- Nature walk at the source of the Gudenåen
- Nature walk in Vejle Ådal
- Nature walk in Vejle Ådal - afternoon
- Nature walk in the landscape at Lindeballe

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