Nørreskoven – campfire shelter

The campfire shelter is located in Nørreskoven, Vejle, on the northern coast of the Vejle Inlet. Room for 10 persons.

Facilities: Campfire shelter with benches

Number of persons: Room for 10-12 persons under roof

Toilet: No

Access to water: No

Access to firewood: Yes

Other facilities: A few hundred metres to the east, at Helligkildevej 60, there is an open BBQ and campfire site as well as a municipal log cabin, Sneglehuset. In the eastern part of the forest, close to the inlet, you find another municipal log cabin, Fiskerhuset, Bybækvej 23. There is also access to a campfire site. You can book Sneglehuset and Fiskerhuset via udeliv.vejle.dk.

Parking: At the entrance to Dyrehaven (deer park) at Helligkildevej, 7100 Vejle. Walk 400 metres to the campfire shelter