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Restaurant GAMA at Bredal Kro is a gourmet restaurant beyond the ordinary, offering intimate, flavoursome experiences. Luxuriate with a delicious 8-course gourmet dinner and carefully paired wines or juices.

Horsensvej 581

7120 Vejle Øst



At Restaurant GAMA, the dishes are prepared with due respect for the seasons and nature. The kitchen selects the most exquisite ingredients that form the basis for the creative and sensual culinary experiences. The team of chefs and waiters provide a unique experience where no compromises are made regarding quality, and every serving is complemented by carefully selected wines or juices.

At Restaurant GAMA you will enjoy culinary indulgence in intimate settings.



Horsensvej 581

7120 Vejle Øst

Opening hours

02 Jan 19 / 30 Dec 19

Thu, Fri, Sat

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