Thyregodlund Præstegård – picnic shelter

The picnic shelter located in the woods by Thyregodlund Præstegård (Rectory). Room for 20 persons.

Facilities: Picnic shelter, tables and benches

Number of persons: Room for 20 persons under roof, 20 persons at tables and benches in the open

Toilet: Yes

Access to water: No

Access to firewood: No

Other facilities: The location features an exhibition with, among other things, photos of the rectory and of the area as in the age of Grundtvig in addition to images of local agricultural history, the local community through 70 years, and images of ancient finds.

Parking: Vesterlundvej 82, 7323 Give – in the intersection between the Neder-Thyregodlund route and Egeskovruten