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World Orienteering Championships (WOC2022)

On June 30, the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) will he hosted in Vejle as a purely urban Sprint Orienteering race for the first time. Come and become a part of this major event in the Triangle area, where elite runners from all over the world must find their way through the streets and alleyways of the centre of Vejle.

Experience 350 elite sportspeople from 50 nations as they run through the heart of Vejle, Kolding and Fredericia, while searching for hidden posts in record time to reach the finish line first.The WOC in Sprint Orienteering takes place from 26 to 30 June 2022.Stay tuned, and keep a close eye on events, while the runners sprint through the towns!

There will be plenty to see and experience when up to 3,000 spectator runners from all over the world come to support their national teams and try their own luck at running through the towns and nearby forests. This in addition to all the regular spectators. You as a spectator can help create a party in the heart of Vejle where all spectators enjoy free access to the finals. Denmark has previously won medals at all WOC in Sprint Orienteering, and we will hopefully also see a strong team contingent of local contenders this year.

WOC in Sprint Orienteering in Vejle

On June 30, Vejle hosts individual Sprint Orienteering runs. This is the most demanding of all orienteering disciplines, where only the best will qualify for the finals. Come and cheer in Byparken in Vejle at 17:30. There will be a plenty to see around Rådhustorvet, where City Vejle and Eventyrsport stage warm-ups during the day.

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