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Guide: With Katrine on a kayak and nature shelter trip

Photo: Katrine Corfitsen

If you would like to spend a night in nature but are not quite sure how to organise the experience then read Katrine’s inspiring guide here

About Katrine: Katrine is a kayak instructor and lives in Vejle. She loves taking trips on the water and enjoys sharing her adventures in nature with others. Find more inspiration for trips and experiences in the great outdoors on her Instagram profile @mywateradventures

By Katrine Corfitsen.

Sleeping outdoors in winter is not only for people with plenty of expensive equipment. You can also easily make do with a tarpaulin for insulation, a folding mattress, your winter duvet, a hot water bottle – or a bottle that can hold hot liquid – and regular winter clothes.


Photo:Katrine Corfitsen

Telt og bål

©Katrine Corfitsen Photo:Katrine Corfitsen

Sleeping outdoors in nature can be done all year round, although during the colder months such activities require a little extra planning. In return, you will experience the starry night skies much more clearly than during summer nights when the heavens are not quite as dark. In the winter, you can also sleep until much later in the day due to the sun and the animals not rising at 4 in the morning.

On a sailing trip.

However, if you like sailing as I do, I would recommend waiting until warmer months since water sports in cold water are not for beginners.

If you are an experienced rower and would like to try sleeping outdoors while the weather is cold, I would recommend rowing somewhere that is also accessible by car. This will allow you to meet up with someone arriving by car with all the equipment you need. Buying equipment for cold nights that can also be transported in a kayak can be quite an expensive affair. Andkær Vig and Trælde Næs can be accessed from the water as well as by car.

Udsigt over Vejle fjord

©Katrine Corfitsen Photo:Katrine Corfitsen

Here are four things that are good to know when sleeping outdoors during winter:

✅ Firewood: The night is long – make sure you have plenty of firewood.

✅ Food: The body burns a lot of energy during the night, especially when the weather is cold. So, make sure you eat a hearty meal in the evening and maybe a little extra supper just before jumping into bed if it has been a few hours since you had dinner.

✅ Inner warmth: Before slipping under the covers, it is important that your body is warm from the inside. If you have been sitting by the fire for the last few hours, your body will feel warm on the outside, but because you have been sitting still, your body is actually cold. To warm up, do angel jumps for a few minutes, for instance. That way, you will get your whole body going.

✅ Clean clothes: Finally, it is important to get dressed properly before going to bed. Make sure you change the inner layer of your clothing so it is completely fresh and sweat-free.

Katrine i sovepose

©Katrine Corfitsen Photo:Katrine Corfitsen

These were some recommendations from me. If you have any questions or are simply generally interested in kayaking and outdoor life, you can find me at @mywateradventures on Instagram.  

Get Going!

You are now ready to sleep in the great outdoors and maybe even head out for a trip on the water. Below you can find a list of nature shelters that are particularly suitable for overnight stays during the cold months.

If you don’t feel like braving the cold when darkness falls, you don’t necessarily need to stay the night, but can simply book a campfire cabin for a day, enjoy the fresh cold air, and return home with rosy cheeks.

Remember to book nature shelters and campfire cabins in advance. You can do this at Udeliv Vejle by following this link: Kort - Udeliv Vejle


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