Sustainable tourism

Photo:Mads Hansen&Mads Hansen

Since 2018, VisitVejle has worked focused with sustainable tourism, which 2021 has led to a certification with HORESTA's Green Tourism Organization. You can read more about GTO here.

In the autumn of 2021, we will start the ambitious project ‘Grøn Destination Vejle - Green Destination Vejle’, which will ensure sustainable tourism development in the municipality. The project works with specific initiatives to help the tourism industry with green conversion and reduction of CO2. In addition, we generally work with sustainable tourism, both internally and externally, through our established Green Dream Team group.

We work with:

  • Advising guests and tourists to sustainable choices and experiences in our destination.
  • Sustainable tourism service at our tourist office.
  • Attracting cycling tourists through the Kingdom of Cycling initiative and a focused special effort within cycling tourism.
  • A focused effort on local ingredients and sustainable food through the Gastro Guide ( Local shopping makes perfect global sense.
  • Analyzes of i.a. Co2 emissions from the municipality's tourism industry and the companies' degree of maturity within sustainability.
  • Green Restart process: Teaching, inspiration, 1:1 consultant advice and certification of tourism companies.
  • Product developments such as Green Actor Guide and Sustainability Guide to Green Experiences.
  • Green synergy for our special efforts within cycling tourism, gastro-tourism and business tourism.
  • Business tourism within the MeetingVejle partnership and together create green initiatives in within meetings and conferences as well as events.
  • Marketing with a focus on green and sustainable stories and experiences. No Greenwashing. No Greenhushing.
  • Collaboration with important partners such as ErhvervshusSydjylland, educational institutions and HORESTA regarding sustainable tourism.
  • Attracting tourists in the low season (August-June) together with the Destination Trekantområdet within the project 'Rethink Cultural Tourism: The sustainable attractions of the future in the Destination Trekantområdet.
  • Works purposefully with the UN World Goals.
  • Employment of a sustainability coordinator, who works exclusively with sustainable tourism in the Municipality of Vejle.

Our mission:

  • All the tourism companies of the municipality must have a green certification by 2030.
  • We have reduced the CO2 level for the tourism industry by 2030.
  • Vejle and the surrounding area, both nationally and internationally, is known as a green destination and a sustainable destination.

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