Vejle’s spectacular nature

Vejle is surrounded by some of Denmark’s most scenic nature from the rolling coastal woodlands to the meandering valleys of Grejsdalen and Vejle Ådal. The lakes of Fårup Sø and Rørbæk Sø are scenically situated in the downs. You can cross this landscape along the Ancient Road from the river springs of Gudenåen and Skjern Å and the woods of Tinnet Krat to the moorland of Randbøl Hede.

Hiking tours

In Vejle, nature is easily accessible, whether hiking for days or simply enjoying nature for a few hours. You can explore the open landscape or follow the signposted routes. In Vejle, there are no less than 500 km of hiking trails to choose from.

Cycling tours

In Vejle, you can experience Denmark’s toughest cycling hill climbs as well as open countryside with inlet, lakes, heath and forest. Here, there’s room for families, pro riders and mountain bikers alike. You can easily find cycling-friendly accommodations and good cycling hospitality.

On water

Sailing offers a sense of freedom and open nature. Vejle Å is the perfect river for daytrips, while a canoe tour along Skjern Å can last for days. At Fårup Sø, you can rent rowboats and pedalos. And in Vejle Inlet there are scenic anchorages and charming marinas.

Scenic views in Vejle

Everywhere in Vejle there are beautiful vistas. Stop at the many vantage points to enjoy amazing views of the inlet, lakes or rivers. Our 14 recommendations will help you get started, but there are many more beauty spots to discover.

Enjoy nature in Vejle – by bike, canoe or hiking. Set sail, swing a golf club, cast a fishing line or find fun on a family-friendly beach.

Picnic shelters and BBQ sites

Summer means picnics and BBQs, but the weather in Denmark may not always be fair. Picnic shelters offer a guaranteed dry experience so you don’t have to plan according to the weather forecast. You can easily find BBQ or campfire sites around Vejle. Many with picnic shelters.

Beaches by Vejle Inlet

To many, a trip to the beach is the essence of summer. Vejle has beautiful coasts and many family-friendly beaches. Here, there are beaches for those seeking urban experiences with bustling activities as well as those who simply prefer solitude.


If you’ve packed your fishing rod in your travel bags, then Vejle offers great opportunities. Vejle Å is one of Denmark’s best sea trout rivers, while the lake of Fårup Sø is famed for its sizeable perches and battle-ready pikes. Put and take lakes are also great places for family fun.

Golf courses

Whether a beginner or a pro, you will find plenty of golf opportunities within of 30 km of Vejle. From pay-and-play golf to landscaped hazards on beautifully landscaped courses with forests and lakes. There is usually room for green-fee guests.


If you are looking for active experiences in nature, there are many opportunities in Vejle no matter your level. You can go treetop climbing, rappelling, trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing.


Vejle’s manicured urban parks are peaceful oasis that invite you to stroll, have fun and picnic. Surrounded by woods and water, the magnificent castle parklands offer adventure.

Nature camps and shelters

If you would like to stay in the great outdoors and enjoy simple camping, then pitch your tent at a nature camp or spend the night in a shelter. Several are free. Some offer a campfires, toilets and water.