Vejle offers 5-starred cycling experiences

In Vejle, you can experience breath-snapping rides along Denmark’s toughest hill climbs as well as open countryside with inlet, lakes, heath, forest and meadows. Here, there’s room for families and pro riders alike. You can also challenge yourself to the mountain bike trails. In Vejle, you can easily find bike rental, bike-friendly accommodations and good cycling hospitality.

On bike rides

A network of cycling paths and signposted cycling routes let you crisscross the area where experiences for the whole family are never far between. Vejle’s most popular cycling routes include the historic Ancient Road, the rolling East Coast Route and Bindeballestien.

Road cycling

In Vejle, you will find Denmark’s toughest cycling hills and some of the nation’s best cycling terrain. Nowhere else in Denmark are the climbs so steep as within the same small geographical area. Not without reason is Vejle known for its many cycling road races.

On mountain bike

Vejle’s large forests and very varied landscape provide plenty of opportunities for mountain biking. Here, you can easily get your pulse up. For a real challenge, try one of the technically demanding mountain bike trails.

Bike Friends Vejle

Bike Friends Vejle is a network of companies across Vejle and surroundings with a little extra to offer their cycling guests. The red Bike Friends sign assures you of great cycling hospitality and a safe cycling experience. You are guaranteed the most important necessities.

Vejle is dedicated to cycling hospitality. Let the area’s Bike Friends welcome you or find bike-friendly accommodations via Bed + Bike.

Bed + Bike Vejle

The Bed + Bike certification programme shows the way to bike-friendly accommodation throughout Vejle. Follow the blue Bed + Bike signs and you can be sure of services that as a minimum include parking your bike safely in a shed, getting your tires pumped and borrowing tools for repairs.

Bike rental

If you would like to go cycling on your holiday in Vejle but haven’t brought your own bike then don’t despair. In Vejle town, Vejle Ådal and Jelling you can rent bikes for adults and children, and even mountain bikes. You can rent them for the day or for longer.

Tour de France in Vejle

In 2022, the Tour de France will pass Vejle. Vejle will be the starting point for the third stage, which will meander along approx. 182 km of winding roads from Vejle to Sønderborg. On the way, the race will pass Jelling and the Jelling Monuments that enjoy UNESCO World Heritage patronage

A guide to safe cycling

Here we offer 13 tips on how to get around safely and comfortably on a bike in Vejle. We wish you a very pleasant trip and tailwind on the bike paths!