Test your cycling stamina in Vejle

In Vejle, you will find Denmark’s steepest hill climbs and some of the nation’s best cycling terrain. There are even alpine-grade ascents. You can also peddle along Super Routes. Nowhere else in Denmark will you find as many hill climbs within such a limited geographical area as in Vejle. Not without reason, Vejle is known for its many cycling races.

Denmark’s toughest cycling hills

Alpine-grade ascents are usually not something you associate with Denmark. However, the area around Vejle is an exception. Here, you not only find some of Denmark’s steepest hills, it’s also the area with the most and steepest road climbs in Denmark.

Hill signposts in Vejle

Vejle’s many cycling hills are now even more fun to scale. Vejle Municipality has signposted 34 of the most popular climbs. The permanent signs feature information about the length of the hill, maximum Gradient, average Gradient and total ascent in metres.

Cycling races in Vejle

Vejle is known for its many cycling events. Every year, the area attracts cyclists for professional races as well as recreational rides. Vejle has the unique honour in 2022 of being the start town for the third stage of the world’s leading cycling road race: Tour de France.

In Vejle, you will find Denmark’s toughest cycling hills

Photo: Kenneth Stjernegaard