Hundeskov i Vejle med lille hund

Off-leash dog parks in Vejle

Photo: Knapek Photography

Enjoy a walk in one of our off-leash dog parks with your best friend. In Vejle's off-leash dog parks your dog can run freely and greet other dogs.

In Denmark, dogs need to wear a leash when walking in nature. But in the off-leash dog parks your dog can run freely without bothering anyone. Find the next destination for you and your dog through the map here.

List of off-leash parks

  • Børkop Hundeskov
  • Egtved Hundeskov
  • Engelsholm Hundeskov
  • Frederikshåb Hundeskov
  • Give Hundeskov
  • Gødding Hundeskov
  • Jelling Hundeskov
  • Mølholm Hundelufteareal
  • Nørreskoven Hundeskov (off-leash park close to the deer park)
  • Sofienlund Skov
  • Sønderskovens Hundeskov