Kurv med svampe samlet i Kollemorten

Mushroom picking trip in the forests of Vejle

Photo: Jakob Vingtoft

Go mushroom hunting in the forest areas near Vejle. Here you will receive good advice to get started properly.

Mushroom Hunting

Going mushroom hunting is an ideal autumn activity that brings you close to nature. In the forests around Vejle, there are good opportunities to find mushrooms if you look carefully. If you are a new mushroom forager, here you will find a brief introduction.

What you should bring:

  • A knife to cut the mushroom free, and to cut off any bite marks from animals. You can easily use a herb knife.
  • A brush, which can be used to remove soil and leaves from the mushroom. For example, you can use a pastry brush.
  • A basket to collect the mushrooms in, and possibly a dish towel to cover the basket with while you walk around in the forest.
  • A good mushroom book, so you are sure of what you are bringing home. REMEMBER: do not put poisonous mushrooms in the basket with edible mushrooms. This way, you avoid mixing the mushrooms together. Also remember: Do not take more than you need. An old rule of thumb says that you should not take more than can fit in a hat - today we can translate this to "do not take more than can fit in a shopping bag".

Rules for Mushroom foraging

When you want to collect mushrooms, you must know the rules for foraging in both public forests and privately owned forests.

In public forests, you are allowed to forage anywhere in the forest. This means that you are allowed to leave the paths and enter the forest floor. You are also allowed to make fires and camp at designated fire and shelter spots.

In a private forest, you may only walk on the paths. If there are mushrooms along the path, you are allowed to collect them. You are not allowed to move off the path into the forest floor.

Forests near Vejle where you can forage for mushrooms:

  • Engelsholm Forest - near Engelsholm Castle
  • Frederikshåb Plantation
  • Fårup Forest – on the north side of Fårup Forest
  • Give Museum Forest
  • Gødding Forest
  • Haraldskær Forest
  • Munkebjerg Forest
  • Nørreskoven
  • Refstrup Forest
  • The forests around Vingsted
  • Sophienholm Forest – located in Grejs Valley
  • Store Grundet Health Forest
  • Sønderskoven
  • Tykhøj Thicket

Visit udinaturen.dk to find information about parking conditions, as well as more detailed maps of the forests.