Nature-rich Vejle offers great fishing

If you’ve packed your angling rod in your travel bags, then Vejle offers great fishing. The beautiful Vejle Inlet is the home of sea trout, flatfish, herring, cod and garfish, while Vejle Å is one of Denmark’s best rivers for sea trout, boasting catches of up to 10 kg. The lake of Fårup Sø is known for its sizable perches and battle-ready pikes. And put & take lakes are great places for family fun.

Angling in Vejle Inlet

The beautiful Vejle Inlet lets you fish for sea trout, flatfish, eels and cod. Go fishing along the coast or head out on an angling trip on the inlet.

Angling in Vejle Å and Vingsted Sø

Vejle Å is one of the nation’s best sea trout rivers with catches of up to 10 kg. In the lake of Vingsted Sø, you can catch pike, perch and roach.

Put & Takes and angling lakes

Vejle’s lakes abound with trout, perch, roach, bream, salmon and eel. Most places have family lakes, picnic tables and BBQs. Purchase fishing permits on-site. Only at Fårup Sø is a fishing license required.