På bro ved Vejle Å

Angling in Vejle Å and Vingsted Sø

Photo: Jakob Vingtoft

Vejle Å is one of the nation’s best sea trout rivers with catches of up to 10 kg. In the lake of Vingsted Sø, you can catch pike, perch and roach.

Closed seasons and minimum sizes
Special closed seasons and minimum sizes apply when angling in the river of Vejle Å. 

Species Minimum size Closed season
Brook trout 30 cm 1 November - 31 March
Brook trout (Haraldskær
factory until Vejle Inlet)
40 cm 1 November - 31 March
Pike 60 cm 1 November - 31 March
Freshwater eel 45 cm 1 November - 31 March
Sea trout 40 cm 1 November - 31 March
Salmon 40 cm 1 November - 31 March
Rainbow trout 0 cm 1 November - 31 March


The fishing rights to most lakes and streams in Denmark belong to landowners and local sports fishing associations. Anglers aged between 18-64 must purchase a National Angler Fishing License. Those under the age of 18 or aged above 64 do not need such licenses. In addition, all anglers irrespective of age must obtain a local angling permit, which in many cases are valid for a whole year. Information on local fishing permits, closed seasons and minimum sizes applicable to the specific location and species can be obtained from the respective sport fishing associations.

It is free to fish in some lakes and streams in Vejle. See more at Lystfiskeri - her må du fiske gratis - Vejle Kommune (in Danish).


Fishing Put & Takes

Put & Take lakes require neither National Angler Fishing Licenses nor local fishing permits. At such lakes you simply purchase day permits or hourly permits on-site.


Bait angling

Angling with live or dead bait for pike and pikeperch is permitted most places. However, live bait must be caught in the same lake where you intend to use it. However, in most lakes, especially in trout lakes, angling for live bate is not permitted.

Fishing in the river of Vejle Å and the lake of Vingsted Sø requires a state angler fishing license (provided you are between 18-64 years of age) and that you are furthermore either a member of Vejle Sportfiskerforening (Vejle Angling Association) or hold a one-day angling permit valid for these local angling areas. For conservation reasons, the sale of angling permits is divided into zones. Non-members can purchase day permits for selected zones. Children aged under 12 can angle free of charge but must nonetheless still acquire a permit. Children and the young aged from 12 to 18 pay half price for permits.

Day permits (and guest cards for members of Vejle Sportfiskerforening) can be purchased online at fiskekort.dk. Day and guest permits are valid from midnight to midnight within the same date. You can purchase a permit 60 days in advance.

All anglers between the age of 18 and 64 must have a valid state angler fishing license to fish in Danish waters. Such a license grants the holder the right to fish with light hand-held tackle, e.g. fishing rods and harpoons, but not with fixed equipment such as nets or fykes.

State angling fishing licenses can be purchased online at fisketegn.dk valid for a day, a week or a year. The state angler fishing license must be carried and presented upon request.