Vester Mølle Put & Take

Put & Takes and angling lakes

Vejle’s lakes abound with trout, perch, roach, bream, salmon and eel. Most places have family lakes, picnic tables and BBQs. Purchase fishing permits on-site. Only at Fårup Sø is a fishing license required.

The fishing rights to most lakes and streams in Denmark belong to landowners and local sports fishing associations. Anglers aged between 18-64 must purchase a National Angler Fishing License. Those under the age of 18 or aged above 64 do not need such licenses. In addition, all anglers irrespective of age must obtain a local angling permit, which in many cases are valid for a whole year. Information on local fishing permits, closed seasons and minimum sizes applicable to the specific location and species can be obtained from the respective sport fishing associations.

It is free to fish in some lakes and streams in Vejle. See more at

Fishing Put & Takes
Put & Take lakes require neither National Angler Fishing Licenses nor local fishing permits. At such lakes you simply purchase day permits or hourly permits on-site.

Bait angling
Angling with live or dead bait for pike and pikeperch is permitted most places. However, live bait must be caught in the same lake where you intend to use it. However, in most lakes, especially in trout lakes, angling for live bate is not permitted.