Hedensted Put & Take

By the main road 170 between Horsens and Vejle you will find 5 beautiful Put & Take lakes covering an area of 30.000 sq m.

Special childrens fishing lake, with extra many small trout, that enhances the chances of a good catch.

Nice terrain, planting and well sheltered from the wind.

At the lakes there are two cabins, as well as an apartment complex, so that you have the chance to spend the night or rent a place short term or for longer.

There are also four pavilions, tables and benches, fireplace for barbeque, toilet and a cleaning table with a roof.

Fish up to 8 kilos are set out daily.

Open all year round from sunrise until sunset and no catch limits.

Fishing gear can be purchased in Østjysk Våbenhandel, approximately 600 meters from the lakes.