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Cultural Museum

Experience how the world we know today was created. The Cultural Museum is brimming with experiences for curious children and adults. Admission to the museum is always free.

Special Exhibitions 2024
MAD – A pantry filled with Danish history for the whole family. (Until 25.08.24)
CAMPING – Pack the tent and go on a holiday in the past. (01.06.24 - 29.09.24)
THE FIRST KINGS – The first, forgotten chapter in Denmark's history (Opens 10.10.24)

Fascinating Bog Body
Meet one of the world's best-preserved bog bodies: Haraldskær Woman. In the atmospheric exhibition, you step into the bog where she was sacrificed and held in place with hooks over 2,000 years ago.

In the museum's eight-meter-long archaeological sandbox, children can excavate skeletons and go on a treasure hunt with a metal detector. The many fascinating objects from the Iron Age tell the story of the time when the first villages emerged.

Work Life and Night Life
Experience how industrialization shaped the world we know today, with freedom, abundance, and a global climate crisis. And join the journey to Crazy Daisy from 1990-2010 in the exhibition on the history of nightlife!

Play with History
All museum exhibitions have fun activities for children. The indoor backyard invites play for children and the young at heart. Here, you can jump, climb, and play with everything. Climb the scaffolding, operate the crane, and use the cotton scale.