DGI Huset Vejle’s indoor pool

Photo: Birgitte Busk
Aqua domes
At DGI Huset Vejle you will find many different types of training facilities, including the Vejle Swimming Centre, a fitness centre with team training and badminton courts.

Willy Sørensens Plads 5

7100 Vejle

Indoor swimming centre
DGI Huset Vejle offers various participatory activities besides swimming, which are included in the admission ticket. The times for these you will find on the website:

- Borrow a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) and test your skills
- Try a kayak – the rules of use can be found on the website
- Electronic timekeeping for competitions / relay
- Swim by following the pace of a light stripe at the bottom of the pool and compete against e.g. Pernille Blume or an emperor penguin
- Participate in an aqua-board or aqua-jogging team
- Work out using training equipment in the swimming centre (not in the pool)

You can buy a ticket for badminton and book a court for 55 minutes.

Fitness training or team training
With a single ticket you can train in the fitness centre or attend classes. You can choose between more than 120 team classes a week with e.g. indoor cycling, yoga, hot yoga, dance, team strength training, reformers Pilates, TRX. Fitness and team plans are for everyone from 15 years of age.

The café
In the café, you will always find healthy food and beverage offerings. Mix your own salad, get extra energy with a smoothie, or choose a dish from the menu.

Find prices, opening hours and times for activities at www.dgihusetvejle.dk.


Willy Sørensens Plads 5

7100 Vejle



60 DKK

Children 3-14 years

35 DKK

Unge 15-17 år

45 DKK

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