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Fary Lochan, whiskey distillery north of Billund

Award-winning Danish whiskey distillery

At Fary Lochan, we are proud of our small distillery, which offers experiences out of the ordinary. Below our distillery, we have dug underground passages that wind through the cellar, which hide whiskey casks that contain some of Denmark's most unique quality whisky


Traditions and nettles

Back in 2009, Jens-Erik started what has today become our family tradition. When the season comes, when the nettles are at their peak, we gather in the early mornings at our distillery. We distribute gloves and buckets between us while we wait for the morning mist in Farre's forest to lift. With big smiles and good stories from everyday life, we move out among the trees in the forest to collect the green nettles. Tradition always creates unique moments – not only for us – but also in the special taste you find in our whisky. We use the nettles to smoke our malted barley, and we are the only ones in the world who do that. That's why you also get more than just a whiskey when you buy whiskey from Fary Lochan.

With us you will find whiskey that starts conversations around the table and takes you back to walks in the Danish forests. You will find whiskey that warms you in the cold winter time, and you will find whiskey that, with its fresh and sour notes, is perfect for your evenings with friends on the terrace.