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Look forward to fascinating experiences for the whole family at the zoo, on safari, and in Denmark's largest dinosaur park! Visit GIVSKUD ZOO – ZOOTOPIA - just 20 minutes from Vejle.

At GIVSKUD ZOO – ZOOTOPIA, you can embark on a safari in your own car or on a safari bus. Drive out across the savannah and get up close to giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and lions crossing the road right in front of you. You can also explore on foot and encounter gorillas, giant otters, spectacled bears, and Humboldt penguins in Europe's largest penguin facility. The playful penguins frolic in the water and waddle on land. You can experience this both underwater and from platforms with views over the entire facility.

GIVSKUD ZOO also offers Denmark's largest dinosaur exhibition. Travel back in time and meet the giants of the past in life size. More than 50 dinosaurs await you – including the 40-meter-long Argentinosaurus and the "dangerous" Tyrannosaurus rex.

Dreaming of touching the horn of a rhinoceros or getting really close to a lion? Then at GIVSKUD ZOO, you have the opportunity to book Good Morning Zoo®, where, along with a guide, you visit three different animals in their stables before the park opens.

Look forward to experiencing the park's many special exhibitions including "Plastic Planet" and "Cabin of Death". As you move around the park, you'll find plenty of oases with eateries and playgrounds for the children.

If you have very young children with you, you can use the brand-new Baby Service Center, where there is space for the little ones to eat and be changed in peace and quiet, while older siblings play on the playground right next door.

Check out the park's opening hours here.