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The Iron Age Village in Vingsted

Travel back to prehistoric times. The Iron Age Village in Vingsted is one of Denmark’s largest reconstructed Iron Age settlements with homesteads, fields, a foundry, sacrificial site and domestic animals.

Life in the Iron Age was a life in harmony with nature, subject to the changing seasons and the whims of the gods. Throughout the day, people worked to survive. The animals and fields had to be tended. In nature, berries and herbs had to be gathered. The blacksmith, the potter, the weaver and other craftspeople made and repaired clothes and tools. Mostly for use in the village, but also for bartering or for trade with travelling merchants from distant lands.

The Iron Age Village consists of a number of reconstructed homesteads and other structures represented in various Iron Age villages in Jutland. The village is beautifully situated between grasslands, farmlands, a lake and forest. Here you can take part in activities based on what life was like in the Iron Age!

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The Iron Age Village is always open for recreational walks and experiences on your own hand. The buildings in the village are only open during events and other activities.

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