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Explore Økolariet (The Ecolarium), an exciting knowledge and exhibition centre about nature, the environment, energy, climate, innovation and technology. Get pedalling on the power bike, learn about waste treatment and the sewers, and visit the recycling town!

Dæmningen 11

7100 Vejle



The Ecolarium offers many learning experiences. You can travel through the exciting exhibits that feature film, living organisms, interactive knowledge tests and eye-opening experiences.

Touch, feel, move, try tests and draw your way through lots of interactive experiences. You will learn how the world is affected by human consumption and how research today affects our lives tomorrow.

The Ecolarium is located in central Vejle and everyone is welcome to drop by. Free admission to the exhibition spaces.


Dæmningen 11

7100 Vejle

Opening hours

01 Feb 20 / 30 Nov 20


10:00 - 16:00

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