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Kongernes Jelling – home of the Viking kings

The runes tell us that it was in the Viking Age in Jelling that Denmark got its name. King Gorm wrote it on his runestone, and we have used it ever since. It was also here that King Harald Bluetooth, on his large runestone, proclaimed that he made the Danes Christian. With Gorm the Old, Queen Thyrvé, and Harald Bluetooth, the roots of the Danish monarchy are firmly planted between the runestones and mounds in Jelling. Experience the Viking Age at the experience center Kongernes Jelling.

The experience center Kongernes Jelling is located in the large Monument Area, which Harald Bluetooth enclosed with a palisade - the largest single construction of the Viking Age. Within the palisade stand the two runestones, the church, the ship setting, and the two mounds. The entire area is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is worth preserving for future generations. The modern Monument Area is an impressive sight. White tiles and posts mark in the landscape what has disappeared, putting the stones and mounds in perspective. It is an ideal place to stretch your legs and get a sense of the area's grandeur - and perhaps try your hand at a Viking duel.

At Kongernes Jelling, the whole family can delve into the runes on Harald's Jelling Stone, explore Denmark's line of kings from Gorm the Old to the present day, and learn more about the life and daily routines of the Vikings. We tell the story of the Viking kings' quest for power, their mighty constructions, and Denmark's transition to Christianity. The exhibition is designed to provide a unique experience for both curious children and adults.

From May 1, 2024, admission will be charged at Kongernes Jelling. 120 DKK per ticket. Free for all under 18. An annual pass costs 175 DKK.

There are also additional family activities available both outdoors and indoors.

Throughout the year, guided tours of the monument area or lectures in our hall can be booked. Guided tours are offered in English, German, and Dutch - and of course in Danish.

Check the Kongernes Jelling website for special exhibitions, events, and activities during school holidays and more.