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The Randbøldal Museum

Nature, history, and craftsmanship. Exciting and challenging experiences for the whole family. At the Randbøldal Museum, children and adults can learn more about the production of paper and fabrics in the old days, indulge in water experiments, and test the forces of water, among other activities. Admission to the museum is always free.

Jutland's First Industrial Village
Experience the museum's permanent exhibition on the history of Randbøldal. In the exhibition, you get the complete story of industrial production in Randbøldal from 1732 to 1983.

Learn how an uninhabited rural area on the edge of the heath became Jutland's first industrial village, how Randbøldal transformed from a paper mill to a textile factory in 1846, and who had the greatest influence on the development.

Play with Water
In the outdoor water experiments, you can get a sense of what forms the basis for the entire adventure in Randbøldal, namely water power.

Here, children and adults can try to overcome the weight of water and lift water using simple and historical techniques such as Archimedes' screw, well winch, tipping well, treadwheel, and a complete lock system.

The water experiments are closed during the winter months when the museum is seasonally closed.

Open in Weaving and Paper Workshops
In the workshops, it's possible to try out the old crafts under the guidance of volunteers during events. Find out when the workshops are open at vejlemuseerne.dk/randbøldalmuseet.


During the period from October 2024 to May 2025, the museum is seasonally closed. However, it is open during events.