SEJD Café & Boutique

Café Sejd is a Viking-inspired café offering quality experiences. Here you can enjoy espresso, craft-brewed beer, handmade stick ice creams, chocolate, cakes and good bread. Besides offering takeaway experiences, you can also buy locally manufactured delights, art, textiles and handicrafts.

Cafè Sejd with its Viking themed décor and mythological inspired Viking art and products seeks to enhance your experience of visiting the Viking town of Jelling.

The Vikings game called ‘Nefa tavi’ (‘king's table’) is available to café visitors and you are offered help to learn the rules. There will also be other forms of entertainment. Of course, there is also free WiFi.

On the first weekend in July, Café Sejd focuses on the first ‘Mythological ART Festival’ ever hosted on Gorms Torv, a square in Jelling. Here, a number of acclaimed artists and artisans will exhibit their art, which are modern interpretations of mythology and the ancient Norse pantheon.