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Smidstrup Local Heritage Museum

The Smidstrup Local Heritage Museum (Smidstrup og Omegns Museum) is located in a former barn at the Smidstrup vicarage. The museum offers insight into what farm life and fieldwork was like in the parish.

The Smidstrup Local Heritage Museum presents 400 m2 exhibition space covering two floors. The exhibitions spotlight life in the town 100-150 years ago. The museum features small rooms that exemplify how people lived and worked in the countryside.

You can experience the workshops of different historic crafts, such as cobbler’s workshops as well as woodcraft and agricultural workshops. A rare pump engineering workshop from approx. 1860 is also on view. One exhibition shows the process of producing wool and linen, while the other features braided straw and wood carvings.

The upper floor contains local archives and exhibitions. Here you will also find a school classroom, and there are display cases with permanent and changing exhibitions. A major exhibition from 2018 of handicrafts and tools can also be seen in 2019.

For some years, a group of volunteers have worked with "project mini town". Smidstrup town of 1950 is being recreated in cardboard on the scale of 1:100 – a large and laborious undertaking. It will take several more years before the project is finished. The completed houses can be seen in the exhibition.

Smidstrup-Skærup elementary school was inaugurated in 1959. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the school, the museum highlights an exhibition of exhibits and photos, etc. Items the museum has received in 2018 will also be exhibited.

The museum always strives to offer its guests a good experience, and for elderly visitors also a walk down memory lane. It is our hope that younger visitors to the museum will furthermore gain a glimpse of life in Smidstrup parish a century ago.

Groups, large and small, can visit the museum by appointment, also during winter months.
Contact the museum by mobile: +4523865142 or +4520582960 or email: smidstrupoma@gmail.com.