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Dæmningen 31

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SteakeRiet is a cosy restaurant in Vejle Midtby, a steakhouse dedicated to culinary quality.

SteakeRiet only uses the best of the best, which is why beef from only a few breeds of cattle live up to their quality requirements, including Angus and Hereford cattle that have grazed freely all their lives and have not been exposed to hormone treatments or antibiotics.

SteakeRiet selects their produce with great care and receive fresh deliveries daily from their local greengrocer, fishmonger, etc.

The personal touch is evident throughout the restaurant where the focus is on:

  • Uncompromising quality. 
  • Welcoming and attentive service. 
  • Cosy and personal décor that makes our guests feel at home and comfortable.

SteakeRiet serves a choice of cuts of beef in sizes that suit your appetite, such as beef tenderloin, ribeye, fillet of beef and tenderloin of veal and lamb. They also serve delicious appetisers and desserts that have been developed with inspiration from their own favourites, including carpaccio, snails, crème brûlée and not least the chef’s own favourite dessert with rum and raisins. SteakeRiet also offers a delicious salad bar with freshly sliced vegetables and exciting seasonal specialties. See the menu selection.

SteakeRiet offers cosy dining rooms with a relaxed and warm atmosphere where you can sit back and enjoy the evening. The décor is very personal and unique to the establishment, including the wine racks and shelves with old knickknacks, cosy soft seating and plenty of nooks and crannies in addition to photo art and paintings.

SteakeRiet – your new favourite eatery in Vejle!


Dæmningen 31

7100 Vejle

Opening hours

02 Jan 20 / 23 Dec 20

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun

17:00 - 21:30

Fri, Sat

17:00 - 22:00

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