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The Tiufkær Route – Regional Bicycle Route No. 55

The Tiufkær Route - Regional Route 55 - is a cycle route from Vejle and south towards Kolding through Vejle Sønderskov and cozy villages like Klattrup, Tiufkær and Håstrup. The is 26 km long.

Leave the bustle of the city behind you and follow the route through the forest of Vejle Sønderskov before heading out into the open countryside. Regional Route 55 from Vejle to Kolding lets you cycle through charming villages such as Tiufkær.

The Tiufkær section of the route takes you down country lanes through the villages of Klattrup, Tiufkær and Håstrup. Regional Route 55 leads to National Routes 5 and 6 in Nørre Bjert and these roads can be followed west into Kolding.

From Nørre Bjert you can also take a detour to the east on the Drejens Peninsula or stop by the Trapholt Museum.

It takes close to 2 hours to cycle the route from Vejle to Kolding.

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