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VINGSTED hotel & konferencecenter

VINGSTED hotel & konferencecenter is a professional 4-star conference centre with a 3-star hotel. With its many facilities, the venue offers the optimal setting for large events such as congresses, conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions.

The 5-star central location in Denmark makes it easy for attendees to convene from all across the nation. The conference centre is located right in the heart of the river valley of Vejle Ådal, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air of the countless hiking trails through the woodlands and along the river.

Centrally located in Denmark only a 2.5-hour drive from Copenhagen, 12 km from Vejle and 20 km from Billund.

Their DNA consists of three core values: a strong team spirit, nature and being physically active. This means that they go to great lengths to assist each other and accommodate their guests. Their team spirit resembles an unbreakable elastic, flexible both in thought and deed.

The rich opportunities of nature are utilised in their activities, whether recreational or for contemplation. Their personality is natural, kind, welcoming, personal and true to heart. Activeness permeates everything they do and offer, i.e. diverse activities and new ways of hosting meeting developed for the benefit of their guests.
There is complimentary parking and internet at VINGSTED.