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Vingsted Iron Age

Embark on a journey back to the Iron Age. Vingsted Iron Age is one of Denmark's largest reconstructed Iron Age environments, where houses, fields, a blacksmith's forge, sacrificial site, and livestock make up a complete Iron Age settlement.

Denmark's coziest and most original Iron Age market
On the weekend of June 8-9, 2024, Vingsted Iron Age village opens its gates for two days filled with life and activities for both children and adults.

The Iron Age village is bustling with traders from near and far.

Communication is paramount, and the craftsmanship is authentic. Actors and volunteers fill the Iron Age village, ready to convey and showcase their craftsmanship when Vingsted Iron Age once again opens its doors to the traditional Iron Age market.

Visit the Iron Age
Life around the year 0 and the subsequent centuries was a life in harmony with nature. People were subject to the changing seasons and the moods of the gods. Throughout the day, they worked to survive.

Animals and fields needed tending, and in the surrounding nature, berries and herbs had to be gathered. The blacksmith, potter, weaver, and other craftsmen created and repaired clothing and tools, mostly for use in the village, but also for bartering or selling when a trader from distant regions passed by.

Vingsted Iron Age consists of a series of houses and other structures from various Iron Age villages in Jutland and is beautifully situated amidst grassy fields, cultivated fields, a lake, and a forest.

The Iron Age village is always open for walks and self-guided experiences.

The houses in the Iron Age village are only open during events and other activities.