To personer på gåtur i Kollemorten skov om sommeren

Local nature favorites

Photo: Jakob Vingtoft

Local recommendations for experiences in nature. Find tips and ideas here.

Vejle is characterized by urban nature, good hiking trails, and beautiful forests. In the spring, we asked the citizens of Vejle about their favorite experiences in the area - this list is a result of that.

Here on this page, we have collected the locals' best tips for great trips in nature. Read on and get ideas for nature experiences during your holiday.

Local favorites

Andkær Vig over vandet

Marie recommends: Andkær Vig

Marie recommends enjoying the sunset from the shelter site at Andkær Vig. Book your shelter in advance and bring a sweater so you don't get cold if the wind is chilly.

Badetur ved Tirsbæk Strand om sommeren
Knapek Photography

Karen, Anne and Betinna recommends: Tirsbæk Beach

Karen recommends a walk to Tirsbæk Beach, through the forest, and around Tirsbæk Estate/the forest. Dress appropriately for the weather and bring a water bottle. Maybe even a towel in case the fjord is tempting.

Betinna and Anne recommend an ice cream at Tirsbæk Strand Kiosk - the kiosk has been a contender for Denmark's best ice cream.

Cyklister i Sønderskoven screendump til video
Kenneth Stjernegaard

Jane recommends: Sønderskoven

Jane recommends a cozy trip in Sønderskoven. Bring twist bread and sausages or Nutella and make a fire at one of the fire pits.

Mette and Mona recommends: Frederikshåb Plantation

Mette recommends bringing a packed lunch and a blanket.

Mona suggests exploring Frederikshåb Plantation and the Gødding area on foot. Make a stop at Bindeballe Købmandsgård for a nice cup of coffee and cake.

Kongens Kær
Vejle Kommune

Henrik and Rune recommends Kongens Kær and Knabberup Sø

Rune recommends Kongens Kær and Knabberup Lake. It's a great place for a walk, and there's almost always a good chance to watch birds. Bring a thermos cup. There are many benches along the path where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Henrik suggests taking a trip around Knabberup Lake and Vejle River, in the company of a good friend.

Bakkeskilt og cykelryttere på Gl. Kongevej i Vejle

Bettina recommends: walking Denmark's steepest hills

Bettina recommends climbing the steepest roads in Denmark. Eight from the top-20 list are located in Vejle. Remember to turn around on your way up, the view is fantastic on all eight roads.

Grejsdalens grønne natur

Pia and Christian recommends: Grejsdalsstien

Pia recommends taking the walk between Vejle and Jelling and enjoying the beautiful nature.

Christian suggests taking the Grejsdal Trail on a mountain bike and to bring plenty of water.