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Green guide

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VisitVejle, together with Vejles Grønne Valg, Grønt Forum, and City Vejle, has created a green guide. The guide fits perfectly in your pocket when exploring Vejle and wish to make greener choices along the way.

VisitVejle has teamed up with Vejles Grønne Valg, Grønt Forum, and City Vejle to create a green guide. We aim to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community, and we want you to join us! That's why we've created a map featuring businesses focusing on green initiatives, along with tips and inspiration for making conscious green choices in Vejle municipality. 


The map guides you through the following topics: 

  • Experiences and learning 
  • Gastronomy and dining options 
  • Vejles Grønne Valg (stores) 
  • Repair, recycling, and exchange 
  • Transportation 

Additionally, you'll find plenty of advice and tips for adopting sustainable habits. 

Who's on the map?


The businesses you'll find on the map are selected based on their initiatives, products, or certifications. Some businesses are well along their green journey, while others are just starting out. HOWEVER, they all share a goal of becoming better and promoting the green transition. The criteria for selecting businesses include: 

  • Having an environmental certification or being in the application process 
  • Being a member of Vejles Grønne Valg 
  • Having organic, free-range, or biodynamic production 
  • Primarily using/selling local ingredients and products 
  • Having a circular business model 

Businesses must meet at least one of these criteria, which is verified before the map is printed or reprinted by the collaborative group: Vejles Grønne Valg, VisitVejle, Grønt Forum, and City Vejle. 

Do you have ideas or feedback for the map? Perhaps a suggestion for who could be included? Then share your input with us here: Projekt: Vejles Grønne Vejviser 

We hope you'll help us drive the green transition forward. You can do this by seeking out and supporting the green initiatives available when you're out and about. 

Enjoy your journey and have a great time! 


Read more about the collaboration here: Vejles Grønne Valg - grontforum.vejle.dk

Kortet Vejles Grønne Vejviser
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Photo: VisitVejle

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