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Second-hand stores in the Vejle area

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Here you will find a guide to second-hand and vintage stores in and around Vejle, Jelling, Egtved, Børkop and Give.

Hunting for second-hand bargains during the holidays

By: ReFashion Vejle

Do you also love second-hand stores, personal style and being eco-friendly? There are many reasons to recycle (Actually, the Danish Red Cross has conducted an analysis on this). In Vejle, we offer a wide selection of stores where you can buy second-hand clothes. So, get out and fill that shopping bag – or swap your wardrobe oldies for new vintage garments. We’ve compiled a guide so you can discover second-hand and vintage stores in Vejle Municipality.

No matter whether you love hunting for pre-worn gems, are short on holiday wearables, or wish to explore Vejle’s many shopping streets, the town offers a world of choice! This guide is geographically zoned so you can combine your second-hand shopping with a little local sightseeing.

Second-hand and vintage stores in Vejle

  • Blå Kors, Vedelsgade 32, 7100 Vejle. Midway between Vejle Midtpunkt and Spinderihallerne, you will find a large blue thrift store, Blå Kors. This magnificent store offers second-hand items, including a large selection of second-hand clothes for women, men and children as well as an area with outlet clothing.


  • Røde Kors Genbrug, Damhaven 3A, 7100 Vejle. Operated by the Danish Red Cross, the store is located across from the shopping centre Bryggen on Vejle’s pedestrian street in the heart of town. Here you will find a large selection of second-hand items for children, women and men of all sizes.


  • Frelsens Hær, Ibæk Strandvej 10, 7100 Vejle. Operated by the Danish Salvation Army, this centrally located second-hand store offers large display windows. When visiting, you can be sure to be greeted by one of the friendly volunteers and find plenty of clothing rich-picks. During weekends, the store teems with life.


  • Kirkens Korshær, Flegmade 12 and 12A, 7100 Vejle. Operated by the Danish charity DanChurchSocial (Kirkens Korshær), these large stores are located close to the Vejle Art Museum in the direction of Vestbyen. One store offers everything your heart desires for the home, including furniture, knickknacks and books. The other features a large department with men’s and women’s clothing.


  • Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Nørretorv 2E, 7100 Vejle. The store is operated by the Danish Cancer Society (Kræftens Bekæmpelse). Here too, you will find clothes, knickknacks, utensils, toys and furniture. If you have time, visit the attic where you will perhaps find a bargain and can enjoy a chat with one of the volunteers.


  • Danmission Vejle, Vindinggård Ringvej 1A, 7100 Vejle. Operated by the mission society of the Danish of Church (Danmission). Located close to the shopping centre Vindinggårdscenteret and Fredericiavej in Mølholm, this very large second-hand store offers clothes of all sizes, including sportswear.


  • IM Genbrug, Ibæk Strandvej 6A, 7100 Vejle. Here you can usually make a good deal. There are always special offers on cheap furniture, smart clothes and popular books. Drop by if you’re also in the vicinity visiting the Salvation Army thrift store (Frelsens Hær).


  • ReShoppit Vejle, Vestre Engvej 1B, 7100 Vejle. The ReShoppit website describes the store at a luxury vintage boutique where private vendors rent stands. Here there is a wide selection of fashionable clothes in all sizes.


  • Secondlove, Pedersholms Allé 21, 7100 Vejle. At Secondlove, private individuals in Vejle can rent a stand and sell their nicer vintage clothes. The items are wonderfully presented in the beautiful boutique located in the area by Søndermarken.


  • Mødrehjælpen, Foldegade 19, 7100 Vejle. Operated by Mødrehjælpen, which is a social-humanitarian organisation offering support and counselling to pregnant women and vulnerable individuals. Here, emphasis is given to recycling items for younger children, including clothes and toys, sometimes prams and small bicycles. A good tip is to explore the large boxes filled with your heart’s desire of doll’s clothing. You can usually also make a good bargain.

Second-hand stores in Jelling and Bredsten

  • Kirkens Korshær, Ballevej 4, 7182 Bredsten. Operated by the Danish charity DanChurchSocial (Kirkens Korshær), the store is located close to Bredsten Church and Bredehus Hotel. As with the other stores operated by this charity, you will find men’s and women’s clothing. Additionally, they also offer children’s clothing, knickknacks, books and other useful items.


  • IM Genbrug, Vejlevej 11, 7300 Jelling. You can usually make a good bargain here. There are always deals on cheap furniture, smart clothes and popular books.


Second-hand stores in Børkop and Brejning

  • DIN Genbrug, Brejning Søndergade 46. Apart from its charming small harbour, the town of Brejning also offers a chance to visit a very large second-hand store that supports the Christian society Mission Afrika and the Israel Mission. The store is staffed by local volunteers.


  • Kirkens Korshær Genbrug, Ny Boder 31, 7080 Børkop. The store is operated by the Danish charity DanChurchSocial (Kirkens Korshær) and is located by the central square in Børkop where the locals go shopping. Here you can easily find a new pair of jeans or an extra jacket should the weather change for the worse.

Second-hand stores in Give

  • Røde Kors Genbrug, Vimmelskaftet 17 and Møllegade 18A. In Give, you will find no less than two second-hand shops operated by the Danish Red Cross. At Vimmelskaftet, you can purchase clothes and accessories, while the store in Møllegade offers fine furniture and knickknacks.

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