Long hikes

Photo: Knapek Photography

Are you interested in a full-day hike, or perhaps a multi-day trek? On this page, you will find hikes over 15 km that showcase the best of Vejle's Nature.

How far do you want to go?

In Vejle, you have the choice between five popular routes. The Grejsdal Trail at 16 km, the Bindeballe Trail at 36 km, the Coast to Coast Trail at 130 km, the Hærvej at up to 500 km, and the Village hiking route Rans Togt at about 130 km.


The Bindeballestien Route - Regional Route No. 36

Bindeballestien is an inspiring cycling and hiking route through the scenic Vejle Ådal valley. The 36-kilometer route is almost car-free and runs across open countryside from Vejle to Bindeballe and on to Billund.

Grejsdalstien – hiking route between Vejle and Jelling

Grejsdalstien is a 16-kilometre hiking route between Vejle, Grejs and Jelling that passes through some of Denmark’s most spectacular natural scenery. You can start the tour in Vejle along the road St....

Par på cykel på Hærvejen
Photo: Kenneth Stjernegaard

Hærvejen (The Ancient Road)

Several thousand years ago, Jutland's main road, The Ancient Road, followed the rivers up through the country. Today, The Ancient Road, national route 3, is a popular cycling and hiking route. Experience Vejle and Jelling's attractions along the scenic route of approx. 62 km.

Coast to Coast Trail
Photo: Knapek photography

Coast to Coast Trail

On the Coast to Coast Trail, you can experience the scenic nature of Jutland while hiking from Blåvandshuk to Vejle or vice versa. The approx. 130 km nature trail traverses the Jutland Peninsula along...

Landsbyvandreruten Rands Togt folder
Photo: Mads Fjeldsø Christensen

Village hiking route Rans Togt

The village hiking route Rans Togt will take you through 14 villages in the Vejle area, each with their own character, history and life. The route is approx. 130 km long and follows the old country roads that wind across the landscape and offer local detours.