Art and Architecture

Vejle at the vanguard of art and architecture

In Vejle, modern architectural gems gleam alongside beautiful historic buildings. Renowned architects and artists, local as well as international, have made their mark on Vejle. Not least along the waterfront, where over the past few years an exciting urban district has been created with recreational environments, award-winning architecture and sustainable housing.

Architecture in Vejle

Bølgen, Fjordenhus, Vejle waterfront, Spinderihallerne, Tróndur, De Fem Søstre. Vejle is a popular test ground among the nation’s leading architects, and more projects are on the drawing board.

Vejle’s landmarks

Vejle has five unique landmarks: Vejle Windmill, Vejle Bridge, Bølgen, Fjordenhus and the brightly coloured umbrella sky of Vejle.

Sculpture town Give – Denmark’s largest open-air gallery

Over 75 sculptures beautify the streets and squares of Give. The sculptures are created by artists nationwide.

Vejle Art Museum

One of the many prides of Vejle Art Museum are the approx. 50 etchings by Rembrandt. Also enjoy the impressive collection of Danish art in the stylishly renovated museum.

In Vejle, you can experience artworks by Olafur Eliasson, Henning Larsen Architects, Bjørn Nørgaard, Kristian von Hornsleth, Ingvar Cronhammmar, Robert Jacobsen and many more.

Land art by Robert Jacobsen - Jean Clareboudt

Danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen in partnership with French sculptor Jean Clareboudt transformed the former gravel pit in Tørskind into an impressive sculpture park.

Galleries and artisans

The exciting small galleries invite you to experience art in all shapes and styles, while designers and artisans open their ateliers so you can follow the creation of their truly unique arts and crafts.

Historical buildings

Vejle’s oldest building is Saint Nicolai Church from 1250. Among the few buildings from before 1850 is Den Smidtske Gård. In 1850-1930, Vejle experienced a boom in industrial construction, such as the mills of Spinderihallerne. Vejle Town Hall and windmill were also reconstructed.

Castles and manors

Perched in the landscape around Vejle are magnificent castles and manors with estates, forests and tree-lined avenues. Each has an exciting story to tell. They are open to the public during events.