Hiking leaflets

Photo: Eliza Danesi

Everywhere, you will find marked hiking trails in the nature of Vejle. A series of hiking pamphlets will guide you. Some are also available in a printed version at VisitVejle. See and download the pamphlets in the text.

Vejle city and fjord


Around Vejle city, you will find many beautiful forests such as Nørreskoven with the Deer Park, Sønderskoven by Vejle Windmill, and St. Grundet Sundhedsskov by Grejsdalen. Through the city's northern part and central Vejle lies Inger Christensen's poet route.

On the south side of Vejle Fjord, do not miss the area around Holtser Hage, Brejning Havn and Munkebjerg Forrest, which, with its beautiful view of the fjord, is perfect for mushroom picking in the autumn. Not far from there, at Mørkholt, are Gauerslund and Gårslev Forests with scenic routes by the beach and through the forest in Vognkær Enge and Rands Fjord on the outskirts of the municipality.

North of Vejle Fjord, the beaches by Tirsbæk, Ulbækhus og Daugård offer a brisk walk in the windy weather past Tirsbæk Manor, ice houses, and vineyards.

Vejle's river valley


Explore Vejle's fantastic nature shaped by the ice age at Tørskind, Vejle and Egtved river valleys, Egtvedgård, and Hejlskov Sø. The area offers countless beautiful paths in hilly valleys like Runkenbjerg and Tørskind Gravel Pit with the landscape sculpture by Robert Jacobsen-Jean Clareboudt. Not far from here, you will also find Egtvedpigens Grav, a historic grave.

A bit north of Egtved, you will find Engelsholm Forest by the beautiful castle and Nørup Church with its late Gothic tower. In the same area are Randbøl and Randbøldal.

In the middle of the river valley, you will find Vingsted, Vork Hills and Ravning, where you can experience a reconstruction of the magnificent Ravning Bridge built by Harald Bluetooth in the Viking Age. On your way towards Vejle city, you will pass by Kongens Kær, Knabberup og Haraldskær, which are also worth a visit with the charming manor Haraldskær and the opportunity to see sea eagles at Kongens Kær. Here, the long hiking route Bindeballestien also passes through.

More nature areas


Vejle also boasts beautiful nature in Grejsdalen, Give, at Rørbæk Lake, and on Randbøl Heath.

From Vejle to Jelling, the long hiking trail Grejsdalstien goes through the beautiful Grejsdal. The route runs by Brandbjerg Sønderskov, which has been untouched forest since 1997. North of Grejsdalen, you can take a short 2 km walk in Højgård Forest. If you go all the way to Jelling, the river valley at Fårup Lake, Jelling Forest og Rugballe Bog are worth a visit, with the option to take a boat trip on the lake.

Around Give, there's the Give Plantation, Omme River, the Odderbæk area, and the hill ridge at Rækkebjerge. As one of the most northern areas in Vejle Municipality lies Hastrup Plantation and the beautiful area at Rørbæk Lake, Tinnet Krat, the sources of Gudenåen and Skjernåen. At the source of Gudenåen, you can find the remnants of an old bathing facility from the 1930s, which was one of the country's first bathing facilities.

Last but not least, do not miss the popular natural gem Randbøl Heath andFrederikshaab Plantation, offering heathland, the Syvårssøerne, towering trees, and reminders from World War II. Enjoy!

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