Get close-up with Danish history in Vejle

In Vejle, you can travel back to ancient times when the Viking ruled Jelling, Iron Age people farmed in Vingsted, the Egtved Girl was buried in a Bronze Age barrow and when cattle drivers roamed the Ancient Road. There is also a nostalgic merchant museum, Bindeballe Købmandsgård, a heathland farming museum, Give-Egnens Museum, and Vejle’s heritage museum at the old spinning mills.

Museums and collections

Vejle’s museums have exciting stories to tell. Get close to the Viking Kings in Jelling. Explore Vejle’s cultural heritage in the old spinning mills. Experience country life nostalgia at Bindeballe Købmandsgård, Give-Egnens Museum and other local heritage museums.

Historical buildings

Vejle’s oldest building is Saint Nicolai Church from 1250. Among the few buildings from before 1850 is Den Smidtske Gård. In 1850-1930, Vejle experienced a boom in industrial construction, such as the mills of Spinderihallerne. Vejle Town Hall and windmill were also reconstructed.

Historical sights

In Vejle, you can get close to history. Here, you can experience the UNESCO World Heritage Jelling Monuments, let your imagination run free along the Ancient Road and Ravningbroen, visit the Egtved Girl’s Barrow and the Iron Age settlement in Vingsted or other monuments on your way.

City walks in Vejle

VisitVejle offers a suggested city walk. Follow the map and enjoy a 3.5km walk through the old streets of Vejle.

The Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Viking Age and our contemporary times are all visible in Vejle.

Vejle’s history

The first mention of Vejle was in 1256, but the town is believed to be older. South of Kirketorvet, buildings have been excavated dating back to 1100 CE. In Denmark, market towns were granted status as royal boroughs in 1327.

The Jelling Vikings

In the 900s, King Harald Bluetooth had Denmark’s name engraved on a rune stone in Jelling and erected two barrows and a church. Today, the Jelling Monuments are a UNESCO World Heritage site. At the experience centre in Jelling, you learn about the exiting story of the Vikings.

Castles and manors

Perched in the landscape around Vejle are magnificent castles and manors with estates, forests and tree-lined avenues. Each has an exciting story to tell. They are open to the public during events.

Inspiring churches

Churches dot the green landscape around Vejle. The oldest date back to the twelfth century. Several have magnificent frescoes. The more modern churches are also worth a visit, not least for their inspiring architecture.