God Adgang på Bindeballestien

Tourism for all

Photo: Elliott Hope Studio

Vejle is to be accessible to everyone. Accessibility is a basic requirement for people with disabilities to fully enjoy their stay. On this page, you can find information about accessibility as well as tips and practical information for your visit to Vejle.

Tilgængelighed er en basal forudsætning for, at mennesker med funktionsnedsættelse fuldt ud kan nyde deres besøg. Vi hjælper gerne hvis der er informationer du mangler for at forberede dig på dit besøg i Vejleområdet. Læs med her på siden, eller kontakt os på visitvejle@vejle.dk eller på 76 81 19 25.


Most Danes find it natural to take their car with them on holiday. For people with disabilities, this is not automatically the case, as it often takes several weeks of planning just to organise a ride.

HandiDrive.dk gives you the freedom to choose between many different types of variously equipped vehicles. Book your vehicle here.

Østjydsk Turistbusser offers coaches fitted with wheelchair lifts and with a driver as well as rental cars that you can drive yourself fitted with lifts. Book a bus with lift here.

For information about disabled-friendly facilities, such as disabled assistance when arriving by car or bus/coach to Billund Airport follow this link:

Flextur is an on-demand public transport service with smaller vehicles. You ride with other passengers and the vehicle may make a detour to pick up additional passengers.

If you are a wheelchair user and need to be seated in your wheelchair during the trip, you are eligible to use. Flextur provided the only assistance you require is to be lifted in and out of the vehicle.

Sydtrafik is also part of the Sunflower programme.

Read more about Flextur here (in Danish).


Many of Vejle Taxa's larger vehicles are fitted with lifts, allowing them to accommodate wheelchair-users.

Vejle Taxa additionally offers the service of assisting wheelchair users scaling stairs in properties.

Vejle Taxa partners with DSB (the national railway company) to offer a nationwide disability service. Here you can book times ahead where your wheelchair can be lifted in and out of trains arriving to Vejle Station. This service is available for the disabled, the visually impaired, the walking impaired and other persons requiring assistance in reaching the train from a given meeting point and vice versa.

Read more about Vejle Taxa here (in Danish).


You can book disability assistance with luggage weighing up to 20 kg. Book the disability services for both DSB and GoCollective by filling in the online form - DSB.dk. You can also call DSB Customer Service at +45 7013 1419 no later than 12 hours in advance.

Read about DSB's disability service in Denmark or find out more about GoCollective's disability service.

Help during my stay

HV Care offers rental of many different assistive devices of the highest quality. Here you will find everything from wheelchairs, aids for personal care or electric beds and HV Care will be ready to assist and guide you.

Read more about HV Care.

Trolle Care offers competent and caring care and assistance by professional nurses, educators, healthcare workers and physiotherapists, who will take your particular needs into account.

Read about Trolle Care here.

Doctors and pharmacies

In emergencies 

In the event of an emergency or life-threatening illness, call 112. State your name and location. The call operator will provide professional emergency assistance

Not an emergency: Contact the doctor-on-call

With less serious cases, contact the doctor-on-call service: +45 7011 0707.
The nearest A&E facility / Emergency Room can be found at:

Sygehus Lillebælt, Vejle
Beriderbakken 4
7100 Vejle

Outside opening hours for the doctor-on-call:

Outside the opening hours of the on-call-doctor, foreign tourists can contact the nearest general practitioner. If you are covered by public health insurance in another EEA country (that is, the EU countries, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland, you are entitled to necessary healthcare services while staying in Denmark.


Vejle Løve Apotek is open from 8:00-21:00 on weekdays. On Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 21:00. Sundays from 10:00-15:00.

You can find the pharmacy at:

Søndergade 29
7100 Vejle

What is accessibility?


In 2019, the Danish disability associations published Tourism for All, a report based on an analysis by VisitDenmark. The report shows that approx. every fifth Dane lives with some form of disability, 80% of which are invisible.

That’s a lot of people! And this figure probably includes someone you’ve met. But who are these people? One could be tempted to say all of us, since we are all likely to be affected at one point. Disability is far more than merely a question of wheelchair use, ramps and platform lifts. Visual and hearing impairments, arthritis, autism, ADHD, dementia, asthma, walking or arm disabilities and wheelchair use are just some of these many disabilities. We all probably know either a grandparent, who is a little hard of hearing or who uses a walking stick, or a colleague who uses glasses, or perhaps a friend who has reading difficulties.

Tourism that facilitates accessibility ensures that we can all travel and be consumers of tourist products. This doesn’t need to be complicated.


How does VisitVejle work with accessibility?


At VisitVejle, we strive to make tourism accessible to everyone by:

  • Registering at godadgang.dk and continuously working on updating our information and images on the website
  • By having joined the Sunflower programme in the autumn of 2022 and preparing to accommodate people with invisible disabilities
  • Informing our network in the tourism industry about various initiatives that can increase accessibility in relation to individual partners
  • Continuously updating our website with relevant information