Familie på tur på stibroen over Grejsdalen

The Locals' Favorites: Family Experiences

Photo: Jakob Vingtoft

Get the locals' recommendations for experiences suitable for families with children. Among the favorites are the Eco Center, the Deer Park, and Gorilla Park.

Vejle is filled with great family experiences, and it can be hard to choose if you only have a couple of days in the city. Therefore, we have asked the citizens of Vejle, who have shared their favorite experiences, tips, and recommendations for families with children.

On this page, we have gathered all the favorites. Read along and let yourself be inspired for your family vacation in the Vejle area.

Økolariet is a huge favorite among local families with children

Among the many recommendations from the locals, Økolariet was a clear favorite among the majority.

Økolariet is an experience center with themes like climate, nature, environment, sustainability, and innovation. The exhibitions are interactive and invite you to play your way to new perspectives. There are often fun activities for both children and adults, so check the program before you go. Admission is free.

The locals' tips and recommendations for a great experience at Økolariet:

  • Anne: Just bring your good mood, because Økolariet takes care of the rest.
  • Mette: Accept guidance from the guides who welcome you at the entrance, and feel free to ask them questions - they will answer everything they know. It's a good idea to read the website before the visit, so the children are well prepared for what they can experience, among other things.
  • Mia: Bring a packed lunch and make it a day trip.
  • Charlotte: Take the train there, Økolariet is very close to the station.
  • Michelle: Pack some good sandwiches in a backpack and just go! It's such a nice and educational place for both children and adults.
  • Tenna: Good preparation. Check in advance when there are special programs, so the day is well planned.
  • Christina: Have plenty of time, so you can see everything. Louise: Have plenty of time and possibly a good packed lunch, and you will surely have a good trip to Økolariet.

The deer park

The Deer Park is located in Nørreskoven and is a really cozy place for a family picnic. There are many paths through the forest, allowing you to move around among the tall beech trees. In Nørreskoven, you will also find Gorilla Park and mountain bike trails. In the enclosed deer park, you can meet fallow deer and sika deer. Remember: The animals should not be fed.

The locals' tips and recommendations for a good experience in the deer park:

  • Signe: It's a great place to go with both small and large children, and you can bring your own food to enjoy on the picnic. You can also enjoy the deer park being so close to the Vejle fjord, where there's a beautiful view of the bridge, and you can throw stones in the water.
  • Kristina: Our absolute favorite is definitely the Deer Park for cozy moments and Gorilla Park for a bit more action.
  • Henriette: Gorilla Park in the beautiful forest.
  • Hanne: The Deer Park, rich in fresh air, wildlife, and lovely nature. Bring a picnic basket - so cozy!
  • Lea: It's really lovely in the morning, where you can sense how the garden and animals wake up.
The Travel Book i Dyrehaven i Vejle

Read about the deer park here

Photo: TheTravelBook

Favorite Places to Visit

The families with children from Vejle also recommend: WOW PARK, Gorilla Park, and Givskud Zoo.

WOW PARK Billund børn der klatrer
WOW PARK Billund


Kathrine: You can buy popcorn kernels and dough for stick bread, and sit by a fire in the park.

Charlotte: Remember: Wear clothes you can move in.

Linda: Bring a packed lunch and enjoy lunch in nature. And finish with dessert popcorn over a fire in the park.

Eva: Bring dry shoes for when practicing balance in the forest, there is water under the stones?

To på klatretur i Gorilla Park Vejle

Gorilla Park

Henriette: Remember to take a walk in the beautiful forest.

Tetiana: There are lockers with keys for your belongings.

Mette: It's most fun in good weather. Take your time, it's fun for the whole family.

Givskud Zoo familie ved lemurer
Givskud Zoo

Givskud Zoo

Louise: Our favorite is the playground with the trampoline.

Kristian: Preferably go early in the day, and best outside the summer season. If you have a weekday off with preschool children, it's perfect. Bring your own food and drink.

Outdoor family favorites

Families with children from Vejle also recommend great outdoor spots, including: Tirsbæk Beach, Bindeballestien, Playgrounds, and the Stibroen Bridge over the Grejs Valley.

Tirsbæk Strand med to drenge og en hund

Tirsbæk Beach

Maria: There's a boat spot in the forest right behind the beach. The forest is a fantastic playground.

Thomas: It's great for crabbing here. Remember swim trunks and a towel if the fjord tempts you.

The Bindeballestien Route
Kenneth Stjernegaard


Stinne: We love trips to the Vejle Ådal. We like to swim in the ice-cold river on a hot summer day (and the bravest in the family year-round), we walk on the Bindeballestien, or use the boat spots at Vingsted or Kvak Mill.

Katrine: Evening walk on the Bindeballestien with a visit to the Iron Age environment in Vingsted. Explore, bring a picnic, and let the peace settle in the soft evening light with the sounds of nature around you.

The forest playground in Sønderskoven, Vejle
Mads Hansen

Vejle's forests and playgrounds

Stine: Cozy bonfire on the nature playground in Sønderskoven. Good picnics, s’mores, bread on a stick, and dress for the weather, then you can be outside in Vejle's lovely nature almost all year round.

Brian: A walk along the harbor, ending at Skyttehuset with a delicious ice cream.

Ditte: Frederikshåb Plantage is recommended. It's not a good place for those with strollers, but a terrain-friendly buggy works.

Familie på tur på stibroen over Grejsdalen
Jakob Vingtoft

The bridge over the Grejs Valley

Katrine: The bridge is a fine place to go. It's fun to stand on the bridge when a train passes by.

Hans: Park at Lerbæk Møllevej then you can walk on the forest's boardwalks.