Cycling holidays

A cycling holiday is a great experience for the whole family and the scenic nature of the Vejle region is perfectly suited for pedal-powered holidaymaking. Here you can work up a healthy appetite on steep hill climbs and enjoy easy riding across heathland and through woods and meadows. The region offers an extensive network of signposted cycle routes. Among the most popular are the Ancient Road, which rambles along the Jutland ridge, the East Coast Route, and the Bindeballestien Route, which takes you through the river valley of Vejle Ådal along an old disused railway track. Vejle also offers technically demanding mountain bike tracks with a great chance of burning some energy.

The East Coast Route

Cycle routes

The cycle routes in the Vejle region consist of bicycle-friendly lanes and country roads with very little traffic. Choose from 20 scenic and enjoyable routes of varying length and difficulty.

Bicycle books and maps

Cycling map for the Vejle region

The bicycle map is a good tool when planning a bike trip and is also useful on the go. Here you find marked cycle routes, descriptions, attractions, accommodation, etc.

Chr. Winthersvej in Vejle

Hill roads in Vejle

Vejle is one of the few places in Denmark where you can experience Alpine-grade road climbs. There are no less than 20 hillclimbs, the steepest with a 27.3% grade.

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Get wheeling in Vejle

Hop on a bike and get wheeling in Vejle. Explore the scenic nature with hillclimbs, rolling farmland and inspiring attractions – and meet the locals.